Eelco Schattorie: Top chef / Top coach

When a TOP chef from a TOP restaurant has the budget to buy his ingredients he can reproduce the same recipe over and over again for 95% i would say.

Now lets say we have a very talented Chef who has no budget but replaces his ingredients with some alternatives compared to the TOP chef. For sure the TOP’s chef recipe will stand out.

Question remains: Is this because of the TOP CHEF or because he has the ingredients? Football coaching is the same. As a coach your so depending on the qualities of the players (your ingredients).

Having said that. A GOOD COACH improves his players and style of football. Unfortunately that is not always measured by objective facts to the football world. Facts are only championships and titles to the ruling class in football.

Last night was the champions league game Dortmund-Real Madrid: Dortmunds coach is a coach i admire. Hes a TOP chef who made steps in his career and hopefully he can reap his championships now. He finally got the platform to grow out of being a talented Chef and become a TOP chef. My point in all this is that i only see in Germany and especially Dortmund they have the “guts” to give CHANCES to coaches who either are unknown or didn’t “make it” completely.

Text: Eelco Schattorie